Rome is a very mysterious city in many ways.  Think of the age-old expression: “Roma non fu fatta in un giorno”, or “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and you can imagine the history of such a town that carries such a reputation.  Consider a journey through town and you will feel like you’re walking through thousands of years of exciting history.  After all, there are thousands of years of history in the city of Rome though some of them may be buried underground.  Certainly there are hundreds of things to see in the city of Rome, that the trip will require several days for proper holiday in Rome.  I just look at some of the most important attractions that you should look at when in Rome.

The Remains Of The Coliseum In Rome

If you have seen the movie gladiator that you will have a certain appreciation for what the producers and directors thought it would be the way the coliseum in Rome looked.  It was a massive structure for its time.  Thousands of people could be in attendance in the coliseum.  Typically they would be watching a sporting event like a race or the fighting event between gladiators.  It was certainly a source of adventure and entertainment in the ancient Roman country.  Make sure that your roman holiday is complete with a trip to the coliseum.

Piazza Navona – Famous Piazza

Take time to visit this famous piazza and watch some artists paint masterpieces or take time to visit the beautiful church of Sant’Angese in Agone in the nearby area.  The local legend tells it this way: that this is where Agnese was exposed naked, only to be “clothed” by the rapid growth of her hair.  La Fontana di Nettuno is a famous fountain that is found in this piazza also.  Take time to enjoy the beautiful sights here.

Saint Peter’s Cathedral

You have certainly heard of Saint Peter’s Cathedral before and also the Sistine chapel with the famous painting on the ceiling by Michelangelo.  These famous sites are worth the time to visit.  You cannot go to Italy and to Rome and not bring back pictures of yourself in the use breathtaking spaces.  You will need to have proper address attire when entering Saint Peter’s Cathedral because there is a strict dress code in place where shorts, sleeveless shirts and above the knee skirts are not permitted.  The men and women who are in charge of the Cathedral maintain the atmosphere of the place of worship that it is.

Visiting The Vatican On Holiday

When in Rome, Vatican and the Vatican museum are two of your most important stops.  The Vatican is the current residents of the pope of the roman catholic church.  It is important to remember that is and to not forget to visit the Vatican on your roman holiday.  The Vatican, literally is another country separate from Italy. It is also the spiritual and religious epicenter for Catholics.