One of the most popular holidays in Russia is New Year’s Day. Families enjoy a feast at an elaborately prepared table and then head out into the city for the most enchanted night! Festivals, champagne and fireworks are among the celebrations. The Russian President also makes a public speech.

Religious And Cultural Holidays In Russia 2012

Easter is considered a significant holiday in Russia. It is a moveable holiday and the date is either in April or May. Russians celebrate by decorating eggs and enjoying Easter meals with their families. There is also a special church service is held at midnight.

Defender of the Fatherland Day is very popular to Russians and a public holiday. It is also known as males’ day because military service is mandatory for most all men. Gifts and cards are given to men in families, regardless of whether or not they served in the military.

Victory Day is a significant nonspiritual holiday where importance of the day comes from Russians conquest over Germans in World War II. This holiday is notable for the military parades and fireworks at nightfall.

Russia Day is an important national holiday marking the affirmation of the state’s independence. Russians go to concerts and watch fireworks as part of the celebration of nationwide immodesty.

Christmas is an important national holiday in Russia, but it isn’t as popular as New Year’s Day. Much of this holiday is spent in church in special services like the Royal Hours, Vespers and Divine Liturgy. Families have a customary Christmas dinner that includes twelve traditional foods to honor the Twelve Disciples.

Holiday of Lover’s, or Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14th in Russia and is considered a very popular holiday. This day is celebrated by lovers with red roses, alcoholic beverages, dancing and food.

Women’s Day is another important holiday in Russia. This day was once known as a politically aware festival of women fighting for civil liberties, equivalence, social equality and harmony. Now it is known as a day to celebrate women, much like Mother’s Day with the exception that the holiday includes all women.

Ivan Kupala Day, or Ivanov Day, also known as John the Baptist, is a double celebration of John the Baptist and god Kupala. Now it is considered an important nonreligious holiday, celebrated on June 24th. This holiday is known for the different rituals, observances and festivities that involve water, fire and aromatic plants. Swimming is a common tradition on this day, as well as bonfires. Some people consider sleeping on this night to be a bad idea because it is the shortest night during the year and wicked spirits are re-energized. These are the most popular holidays in Russia.