Tennessee is one of the United States, located on the Eastern side of the country, but just west of (and including) the Appalachian mountains.  It is a beautiful state and one of ‘southern charm’ from all of its country music and car shows.

I remember one trip in particular where I was driving through the state and was with a friend who lived in Knoxville, another city in Tennessee.  Another area locally, called Pigeon Forge, had a beautiful mountain park that you could drive through.  On this occasion we were driving through this park which climbed the mountain and then descended again on the other side.

It was raining while we were in the town but as we climbed in elevation through the park the precipitation changed to snow.  The higher we climbed the thicker the snow.  As we reached the summit of the elevation the ground was covered with a thick blanket of freshly fallen, crisp-white snow.  Quite a site and quite an experience.  Lovely place.

Work Assignment At Gaylord Opryland Resort Convention Center

On a business trip back in 2005 I stayed here at this Gaylord Opryland convention center.  Quite a view as you can see.  Under this glass atrium there lives 4.5 acres of indoor landscaping perfection (on which they spend seven-figures each year to maintain).

Perhaps the best part, however, was in the evenings when the lights were all turned on and illuminated this stunning sight.  You can see some of the idea with the hot-air balloon pictures here as well as the evening photo of one of the dining areas.

I remember there being a Chic-Fil-A restaurant in the little town inside the convention center so there are some affordable meal options too, especially when you’re not looking for a fancy sit-down meal.  If you happen to stop by this resort, however, make sure that you are at least there in the evening too so that you can see these lights for decoration.  I am not sure if they are up all year long or if they are only illuminated during the Christmas season.

I happened to be in the area for a speaker training with Elvis… wait, I mean a professional speaker trainer named John Childers.  He chose the convention center perhaps because the event was just before Christmas and the Gaylord center does an incredible job at Christmas with their decorations.  It is a sight to behold and well worth the trip for a relaxing vacation.

One of the other attractions in the area that one would enjoy while on holiday is the Dollywood, playland creation of the country singer Dolly Parton.  If you like thrill-seeking roller coasters then this is not the theme park for you.  But if, like me, you prefer the relaxing and quiet and peaceful type of family theme park then you will be in good company at friendly Dollywood (not pictured).

Catch A ‘Predators’ Hockey Game In Nashville While You’re There

The Nashville Predators are the professional hockey team found in Tennessee.  A friend of mine and I went to one of the games and had a good time.  Nashville is a quite a city, especially at night when the city skyline is lit up and you can see all of the high-rise buildings.  There is one building in particular that reminds you of Batman and Gotham City because the building looks like it has bat ears.

Myself personally I would enjoy the classic car shows in Knoxville if I were to visit Tennessee again.  All along the streets of the town of Pigeon forge (just outside Knoxville) they have classic car shows at different times of the year.  The two cities (Nashville & Knoxville) are separated by a couple hundred miles and takes about 4 hours to drive between them.  That’s not too bad if you fancy a road trip.  Well worth the trip if you enjoy the classic cars of the 40′s-70′s and about the only kind they have are American muscle cars.

Recommended Time To Visit Nashville/Knoxville: Christmas time (December) or in the Spring about April time when the trees are in bloom and the weather is warmer.